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Thank you for applying to attend GREPSEC!

A reminder that GREPSEC is a workshop for PhD students in computer security and privacy, focusing on underrepresented populations, including women, non-binary, and gender minorities; Black, Hispanic/Latino/Latina, Native American and Indigenous students; and LGBTQ+ students. Space is limited and an application is required of all potential attendees. Applicants should be a graduate or postdoctoral student, with strong preference for those actively doing research (toward eventual publication) in security and privacy.

Before you proceed, we would like to share a few quick notes about the application process. A quirk of HotCRP means that you will be asked for a "Title" for your application submission. Please just fill your name in for this field. All other fields are required and should (hopefully) be self-explanatory, but please contact the organizers at if you have any questions.

Applications will be accepted starting on May 8th, 2023 and are due on May 24th, 2023. Note: Applicants agree to be contacted by USENIX and grants program sponsors about future events and opportunities.

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